domingo, 8 de noviembre de 2015

Only two more classes!!

Hi there!!

We have already had the Second Term Test... wow!!! And we only have two classes left!!

Next class we have the last presentation, and on the last class we'll have some rounding up activities. Remember to take your student's card, please!

lunes, 2 de noviembre de 2015

Classroom Management

Focusing on Language

Hi there!!

Here I share the link to the presentation on Focusing on Language that one of the groups prepared:

Focusing on Language

Bear in mind that there are some language mistakes in the presentation, and that you should read the chapter anyway because the group prepared the presentation based on their understanding of the chapter.

For example, can you tell me what decisions have to be made when dealing with oral errors in class?

See you on Friday!

sábado, 24 de octubre de 2015

Two more presentations

Hi there!!

Since I last wrote on the blog we've had two more classes and two more presentations. Before I briefly comment on them, let me remind you of the importance of reading the material carefully. Even if you have a group of classmates explain the topic to you, you must read the material and draw your own conclusions. Attending classes is also very important... those of you who witness your classmates' presentations (and often participate in them) have the chance to take in concepts far more effectively... unfortunately, there are some people who are missing most of the presentations...

The presentation on Tools, techniques and activities, delivered by Celeste, Evelyn, Eugenia, Rocío, Cecilia T. and Belén F., was very useful and entertaining. They prepared lovely slides with great effects with Powerpoint, and they organized themselves clearly and effectively around these slides. It was fun and memorable, which is highly desirable in a presentation (for example the Finding Nemo video and the dictation activities). There were several language and pronunciation mistakes, which we have already discussed with the members of the group. All in all, they did very well. Congrats!!!

And yesterday we had the presentation on Testing, delivered by Anabela, Lucía, Eva, Florencia,Valeria and Carina. The first thing I want to highlight is the excellent work this group did processesing and organizing the information from the three different texts they had... For all those classmates who were there yesterday, the presentation was of great help to process and study contents related to testing and assessing. Also, they included very original devices, such as a home made video on the topic The only weakness was that they were short of time. Still there were three classmates who anticipated my request and handed me their feedback. I think this feedback is straight to the point, so here it is: (thanks and well done Vanina, Majo and Daiana)

  • excellent organization
  • clear explanations with easy examples
  • entertaining games; different kinds of games; original
  • useful summaries to study
  • nice pictures
  • members of the group helped each otehr; cooperative, controlled the time
  • much information summarized in a useful way.
So, girls... Congratulations!!

Next class we'll have a presentation on Educational Technology (I'm really looking forward to it... I'm sure we'll all learn a lot!).

Then, on November 6th, we'll have the Second Term Test. On November 13th another presentation on Educational Technology and on November 20th our last class (feedback, assessment, self assessment, etc, and make up if necessary).

So, have a wonderful weekend and... a few words of encouragement now we are so tired but also so near the end!!

viernes, 2 de octubre de 2015

Today... focus on language!!

Hello, hello!!

Today we had another presentation!! Majo, Daiana, Magalí, Vanina and Patricia delivered a class on Focusing on Language. They explained very important topics to consider like: correcting mistakes, testing, using L1, using cuisenaire rods, using dictionaries, etc.

The presentation was clear and dynamic. I'll give you detailed feedback next class! And please remember that all the students who attended the class are supposed to write some feedback for the girls (either send it to me by mail or hand it in next class).

Talking about next class, remember that you must read the material of the next presentation on Tools, Techniques and Activities.

Somthing very important I want to highlight is that you should attend classes and be on time. I've noticed that whenever there is a presentation a lot of people are absent. On the one hand, it is not fair on the presenters. On the other hand, you are missing very interesting and useful experiences... And please be on time because interrruptions do bother (now with the presentations more than ever).

Well... we'll meet again in two weeks.... let me wish you a...

domingo, 27 de septiembre de 2015

Friday class

Hello there!!!!

On Friday we had a new class: the first presentation. The topic was Classroom Management, and the people in charge were Verónica, Paula and Macarena.

They delivered a very good presentation.... Congratulations, girls!!!

I already gave them some feedback... and now, I will transcribe some of the comments that the rest of the class wrote for them:

Positive Aspects:

  • great organization
  • useful ideas
  • clear and precise explanations
  • enjoyable videos
  • interesting activities
  • excellent ending (Minions video)
  • straight to the point presenters
  • additional material
  • good interaciton among the members of the group
  • tidy slides and overall presentation
  • planned in detail
  • creative
Aspects to Improve

  • more activities would have been useful
  • timing (they were in a hurry at the end)
  • TTT (again: more activities should have been implemented)
  • participation should be more even among the different members of the group
  • balance of slides: some were full of words and others only had pictures
  • some ideas were not clearly explained
What I've just shared is a summary of your comments.... I agree with most of them, but not with all... Still, most of you succeeded in providing good, clear and enriching feedback (which, by the way, is one of the topics for the next presentation). Bear in mind all the suggestions for the presentations coming next!!

Remember for next class you have to read the material on Focusing on Language...

lunes, 14 de septiembre de 2015

Some great assignments ready to share

Hi my dear students!!

I've been correcting your assignments on The Natural Approach and TBLT. Some groups did really wonderful work!!! Others will have to work a little harder...

Here I want to share the links to some documents that are ready and awesome!!!

TBLT excellent account!!!

The Natural Approach Great presentation!!!

Chart with both approaches

Another group's chart


Another summmary

Have a look at the work of the other groups... it will be an enriching experience!!

viernes, 28 de agosto de 2015

Intense class

Hello, hello!!

Today we had a new class. We spent the first part of the class organizing the presentations you have to deliver in the second part of the year.

Here I include some information

  1. 25/9  Classroom Management Verónica, Vivian, Paula and Macarena
  2. 2/10 Focusing on Language Magalí, Vanina, Daiana, Majo and Patricia
  3. 9/10 Tools, techniques and activities Rocío, Cecilia T., Eugenia, Belén F., Evelyn and Celeste
  4. 16/10 Testing Lucía, Anabella, Carina, Florencia, Eva and Valeria
  5. 23/10  (and probably also 6/11)Educational Technology Jazmín, Bárbara, Ariel, Belén, Natasha and Agustín 
  6. and  Cecilia D., Marcela, Julieta and Eliana
Remember some tips to bear in mind:

  • The presentation should be approximately 1 hour long.
  • You must use visual aids, preferably technological (presentation with powerpoint or some other application).
  • Bear in mind that we have no internet connection, so if you want to share a video or anything else, you should have it in your computer. Also, if you want to share a video, which would be great, it shouldn't be too long.
  • All the members of the group should have equal participation.
  • You have to use the material from the course, but you don't have to explain everything (your classmates also have to read the material). Focus on the most important concepts.
  • You must include at least one activity for the audience to do.
  • It must be interesting ans appealing for the audience. (esp since we meet on Friday evenings!!)
  • You can complement the material from the course with other sources.
  • During the presentation, you are not supposed to read from the slides. The slides are there to get the attention of the audience and to help you remember key words and concepts. But you must face the audience and speak spontaneously.
  • Follow the 7X7 rule: each slide should not have more than seven lines or more than seven words per line.
  • I strongly recommend that you read the material soon, so you can organize in groups better. DO NOT separate the chapter among the members of the group before you read the material.
We are meeting again on Friday 18th. (Next week I'm in an examination board and the following it's Teacher's Day). For next class you have to finish the questionnaire on Planning Lessons and Courses. (not to hand in).

Well, my dear students... now I let you relax and start your weekend!!

viernes, 21 de agosto de 2015

Back to classes!

Hi everyone!!

              Today we met again after five weeks!! In class we worked on Syllabus Design and the Diseño Curricular. You worked in groups on a questionnaire and then, all together, we corrected the first five questions.

             For next class you have to:

  • finish the questionnaire on Syllabus Design (not to hand in, but to discuss in class)
  • read the notes on Planning lessons and courses
  • print from the blog the questionnaire on Planning lessons and courses
  • finish and print to hand in the assignment on Natural Approach and Task Based Language Teaching
  • get in groups of 5 or 6 (there must be a total of 5 groups)
               Also, bear in mind that on Friday 4th September we'll not have classes since that day there will be some examination boards. Moreover, we've already set the date for the second term test: October 30th.

      Next class, apart from dealing with the material mentioned above, we'll organize the group presentations you have to deliver (that's what the groups are for). We'll divide topics, set aside likely dates and I'll give you some guidelines.

        Now I leave you to start your weekends and rest!!

lunes, 20 de julio de 2015

Hw and holidays!!!

Hi everyone!!

Last Friday we finally finished our loooong (and, I hope, very interesting)  first unit. We discussed the last of the approaches we are going to study this year: TBLT.

First, we did a  grouping activity. Then you worked in groups making up True/False statements about different sections of the chapter. Finally, we shared the statements and highlighted key ideas of TBLT.

For the second class after the holidays you have to finish a summary of chapters 15 and 18. You can do this in whatever format you want (text, chart, slide presentation, etc). You have to do it in groups of not more than six students and you have to use Google Drive documents and share it with me...

If you have any doubts... just leave a comment below!!

viernes, 10 de julio de 2015

July 10th

Hi everyone!!

Today we had an interesting class!! We discussed The Natural Approach, and different issues came up (some of you shared experiences, we pondered on deep questionings, such as what the language of thought is).

For next Friday remember:

  • we have the make up test
  • you have to read the chapter on TBLT (ch18)
  • you have to get organised into groups of up to six students
  • those of you who do not have a gmail account should create one
Well, that's all folks!!

viernes, 26 de junio de 2015

Last class of June

Hi there!!

Today we had an unusual class: shorter, with people coming and going and your attention on what was to come... Still, I feel we managed to have a very profitable class!!

As we have said, and as every teacher knows, you may arrive at a class with a plan in mind only to realize that the conditions are not given to follow your plan.... Under those circumstances some teachers may decide to stick to their plan all the same... However, I believe that flexibility and adaptability are two essential conditions to be a good teacher. Also, I believe that it is crucially important to be coherent: one's actions should be in agreement with one's words...

So, today, after providing feedback on the results of the term test, we focused on what was in your minds. Fortunatelly for all of us, the topics were closely related to our subject, so we "killed two birds with a stone". You revised for your test and we started dealing with the Natural Approach. I hope you found it useful!!

Bear in mind that we are not having classes next Friday (July 3rd) but we are having classes on the following Friday (July 10th). For that day remember a) to bring your student's cards for me to sign, and b) to read the chapter on the Natural Approach and answer the questionnaire about it.

Also, those of you who need to sit for the make up test, remember it will be on July 17th.

Well, all that remains for me to say is...

sábado, 13 de junio de 2015

Class before the term test

Hi there!!

Yesterday we had our last class before the term test... so we did a quick revision. We also dealt with chapter 14, on CLT.

Remember that for next class you have to study all the chapters we have discussed so far.

Here I leave you a link of a useful article on study strategies:


Ok... have a great weekend and study hard!!

jueves, 4 de junio de 2015

And... another one!

lunes, 1 de junio de 2015

4th Quiz

sábado, 30 de mayo de 2015

Quiz 3

Another quiz

viernes, 29 de mayo de 2015

Quiz 1

Hello again!!

Today we finished dealing with Audiolingualism. We did this through a game, so we had fun and learnt together.

Also, we decided on the date for the term test: June 19th... the topics included will be all dealt with until that date (so, chapters 1, 2, 4 , 9, 14 and possibly 15).

For next class you have to:

  • Send me (as a comment or by mail) the code to embed your quizzes.
  • Do your classmates' quizzes and provide feedback on them (possible corrections, suggestions, etc). Again, you can do this as a comment in the blog or in a mail to me.
  • Do the short questionnaire on Whole Language that you can find in this blog
  • Read chapter 14 on CLT
  • Print the questionnaire on chapter 14


Hello, hello!!

Remember to send the link to your quiz... most people have sent it (though you have not sent me the code to embed it in the blog...). Some people have not sent it yet...

You have to follow the link to your classmates' quizzes and do them! Suggestions and corrections are welcome.

Also, remember we'll be playing a game in class, based on the background of Audiolingualism. And you also have to read the short chapter on Whole Language...

See you later!!

viernes, 15 de mayo de 2015

Class of the 15th

Hi there!!

Today we met again. I really enjoyed this lesson during which we worked on Audiolingualism in a student centered way.

Let me share the interesting and attractive productions....

Also, very important: I'll be absent next Friday (May 22nd). For the week after next you have to:

  • prepare a quiz of no less than 10 questions on the chapter we read about Audiolingualism and share it (as a comment in this blog) using Quiz Revolution or any other similar application that you may prefer. This activity is a group activity.
  • read chapter 9 on Whole Language

sábado, 9 de mayo de 2015

Another class has come and gone...

Hi there!!

Yesterday we had another class, during which we finished discussing chapter 2, on the nature of methods and approaches and we started working on Audiolingualism.

You worked in groups: each group got a sections of the chapter on Audiolingualism and had to prepare a poster...

Next class we'll keep working on the same topic: first you'll have 25 minutes to finish with the posters, then each group will explain their poster and finally we'll play a game (quiz competition in groups).

So, for next class what you should do is re read chapter 4 so key ideas are fresh in your mind...

And remember it is a good idea to have a look at previous entries on Audiolingualism in this blog...

Have a lovely weekend!!

miércoles, 6 de mayo de 2015

More about audiolingualism

Hi there!!

On Friday we'll meet again, and we will discuss Audiolingualism. In this blog, there is plenty of material on this method. Check on your right, in the cloud of topics, click on "audiolingualism", and it will take you directly to previous entries on the topic...

And don't forget to bring materials to make posters!!

See you!!

viernes, 24 de abril de 2015

Third class

Hello, hello!!

           We've just had our third class. In the first class we worked all together checking the answers to the questionnaire on chapter 1, about the history of language teaching.
           In the second part of the class you worked in small groups on "The Nature of Approaches and Methods". Then we shared ideas.

           For next class, which will be in two weeks because next Friday is a holiday, you have to:

  • Check the blog (which you are already doing! Good for you!)
  • Finish the questionnaire on chapter 2
  • Read chapter 4, on Audiolingualism
  • Print from the blog the quiz on Audiolingualism
  • Get in five groups, just for next class, and bring materials to make a poster.
Remember you can leave comments... I'd love you to do so!

Have a wonderful weekend and....

sábado, 18 de abril de 2015

Second class

Hi there!!

Yesterday we had our second class. We had a small obstacle, which was that almost nobody had been able to read for the class because the copies had not been available until the last minute. But we managed to skip the obstacle and work successfully on The History of Language Teaching. I believe the concepts we dealt with were quite clear to most of you... you participated enthusiastically!

For next class you have to:

  • Read chapter 1 carefully and finish the questionnaire (we finished until question 6).
  • Read chapter 2
  • Print the questionnaire on chapter 2 (which you find here in the blog)

I hope you all have wonderful weekends!! See you next Friday!


sábado, 11 de abril de 2015

Clearing doubts...

Hi there!!

Just a little information on two words you were curious about...

  • Polenta is polenta (for more details click here)

  • Palmito is heart of palm  or palm heart (for more information click here)

See you in a few days!

viernes, 10 de abril de 2015


Hello everyone!!

Today we've had our first class, and we started getting to know one another. This is very important in order to create a positive atmosphere, which is one of the necessary requirements for any learning to take place, don't you think?

So, I hope you enjoyed the first class as much as I did... all of you...

Verónica, Magalí, Eugenia, Belén G., Belén F., Ariel, Evelyn, Laura, Eliana C., Anabela, Patricia, Yamila (Malén), Sandra, Vivian, Yanina, Macarena, Paula, Daiana, Celeste, Cecilia D., Cecilia T., Vanina, Julieta, Jazmín, Elena, Eliana F., Bárbara, Majo, Agustín, Natasha, Valeria, Rocío and Eva Luna....

Remember to get the material and to read chapter 1 (A History of Language Teaching). Also, please, remember to sit in the same places next time... it will help me a lot to learn your names in a more definite way!

jueves, 2 de abril de 2015

Welcome to 2nd 2015!!

Hi there!!

In a few days we'll be meeting for the first time this year. A great adventure lies ahead of us... let's face it with creativiy, positive energy and responsibility!!

If you read this before classes begin, know that you can already get the material for the class from Milgraff.