domingo, 27 de septiembre de 2015

Friday class

Hello there!!!!

On Friday we had a new class: the first presentation. The topic was Classroom Management, and the people in charge were Verónica, Paula and Macarena.

They delivered a very good presentation.... Congratulations, girls!!!

I already gave them some feedback... and now, I will transcribe some of the comments that the rest of the class wrote for them:

Positive Aspects:

  • great organization
  • useful ideas
  • clear and precise explanations
  • enjoyable videos
  • interesting activities
  • excellent ending (Minions video)
  • straight to the point presenters
  • additional material
  • good interaciton among the members of the group
  • tidy slides and overall presentation
  • planned in detail
  • creative
Aspects to Improve

  • more activities would have been useful
  • timing (they were in a hurry at the end)
  • TTT (again: more activities should have been implemented)
  • participation should be more even among the different members of the group
  • balance of slides: some were full of words and others only had pictures
  • some ideas were not clearly explained
What I've just shared is a summary of your comments.... I agree with most of them, but not with all... Still, most of you succeeded in providing good, clear and enriching feedback (which, by the way, is one of the topics for the next presentation). Bear in mind all the suggestions for the presentations coming next!!

Remember for next class you have to read the material on Focusing on Language...

lunes, 14 de septiembre de 2015

Some great assignments ready to share

Hi my dear students!!

I've been correcting your assignments on The Natural Approach and TBLT. Some groups did really wonderful work!!! Others will have to work a little harder...

Here I want to share the links to some documents that are ready and awesome!!!

TBLT excellent account!!!

The Natural Approach Great presentation!!!

Chart with both approaches

Another group's chart


Another summmary

Have a look at the work of the other groups... it will be an enriching experience!!