Quiz on Audiolingualism- Background

The Audiolingual Method – Quiz

What was the teaching of English like in the United States between the two world wars?

What had a significant effect on language teaching in America?

Why was it necessary to set up a special language training program?

When was the Army Specialized Training Program established?

What was the objective of the army programs?

Who was Leonard Bloomfield?

What technique did Bloomfield use?

What role did the informant fulfill?

How intensive and how long was the system adopted by the army?

Where did the “methodology” of the Army Method derive from?

What did the Army Method convince many linguists of?

What happened after WWII?

Who was Charles Fries?

What was the starting point for language learners according to Fries?

What document was published in 1952 that became very influential?

 What was the main difference between the methodology used by American linguists and the British Oral Approach?

What is contrastive analysis?

What was the theory of learning underlying the Aural-Oral materials?

Why was the launching of the first Russian satellite in 1957 relevant?

The combination of which four elements led to the Audiolingual Method?

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