sábado, 30 de mayo de 2015

Quiz 3

Another quiz

viernes, 29 de mayo de 2015

Quiz 1

Hello again!!

Today we finished dealing with Audiolingualism. We did this through a game, so we had fun and learnt together.

Also, we decided on the date for the term test: June 19th... the topics included will be all dealt with until that date (so, chapters 1, 2, 4 , 9, 14 and possibly 15).

For next class you have to:

  • Send me (as a comment or by mail) the code to embed your quizzes.
  • Do your classmates' quizzes and provide feedback on them (possible corrections, suggestions, etc). Again, you can do this as a comment in the blog or in a mail to me.
  • Do the short questionnaire on Whole Language that you can find in this blog
  • Read chapter 14 on CLT
  • Print the questionnaire on chapter 14


Hello, hello!!

Remember to send the link to your quiz... most people have sent it (though you have not sent me the code to embed it in the blog...). Some people have not sent it yet...

You have to follow the link to your classmates' quizzes and do them! Suggestions and corrections are welcome.

Also, remember we'll be playing a game in class, based on the background of Audiolingualism. And you also have to read the short chapter on Whole Language...

See you later!!

viernes, 15 de mayo de 2015

Class of the 15th

Hi there!!

Today we met again. I really enjoyed this lesson during which we worked on Audiolingualism in a student centered way.

Let me share the interesting and attractive productions....

Also, very important: I'll be absent next Friday (May 22nd). For the week after next you have to:

  • prepare a quiz of no less than 10 questions on the chapter we read about Audiolingualism and share it (as a comment in this blog) using Quiz Revolution or any other similar application that you may prefer. This activity is a group activity.
  • read chapter 9 on Whole Language

sábado, 9 de mayo de 2015

Another class has come and gone...

Hi there!!

Yesterday we had another class, during which we finished discussing chapter 2, on the nature of methods and approaches and we started working on Audiolingualism.

You worked in groups: each group got a sections of the chapter on Audiolingualism and had to prepare a poster...

Next class we'll keep working on the same topic: first you'll have 25 minutes to finish with the posters, then each group will explain their poster and finally we'll play a game (quiz competition in groups).

So, for next class what you should do is re read chapter 4 so key ideas are fresh in your mind...

And remember it is a good idea to have a look at previous entries on Audiolingualism in this blog...

Have a lovely weekend!!

miércoles, 6 de mayo de 2015

More about audiolingualism

Hi there!!

On Friday we'll meet again, and we will discuss Audiolingualism. In this blog, there is plenty of material on this method. Check on your right, in the cloud of topics, click on "audiolingualism", and it will take you directly to previous entries on the topic...

And don't forget to bring materials to make posters!!

See you!!