viernes, 27 de mayo de 2016


Hello dear!!!

Have you arrived home yet? We've just had a class....

 Today you worked in groups, organized by colours. Each group got a section of the chapter on audiolingualism to focus on. You had to make a poster and prepare an explanation for your classmates. You all worked really well!!!

Next class each group will share their poster and explain their part. If we have time, we'll start dealing wtih chapter 9 on Whole Language, so please read the chapter (don't worry, it's very short!!!)

Also, you have to prepare the quiz I had told you about. You have to do it in groups. It should contain between ten and fifteen multiple choice questions. The questions can be about audiolingualism (about all the chapter or the part of the chapter you focused on today) or about the three chapters we've read so far. Once you have the questions ready, you should use an application to share it with the rest of us. It can be or any other that you prefer. When you have finished your quiz you have to send me the embed code (by mail or as a comment in the blog) so I can post your quiz here in the blog!!

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any doubts....

And now...

viernes, 13 de mayo de 2016


Hello, my dear students!!!

I'm sorry to tell you that today I won't be able to go...I'm sick... I hope you see this on time!!

Remember to check the blog frequently to stay updated.

Have a nice weekend!

viernes, 6 de mayo de 2016

It's May already!


Today we had classes: we finished dealing with chapter two on the nature of methods and approaches and then we started discussing the background of Audiolingualism.

For next class you have to read chapter 4 (only 1 student had read it for today's class!!)

Also, it turns out that the opening activities to celebrate the anniversary of the Institute are on May 19th and 20th and no activities of the English department have been included, so the activity we were planning will be just for us, just for the blog, and only with Quiz Revolution... we'll discuss it in more detail next class.

Just one more thing before leaving you alone to enjoy your weekend: I notice that there are many students who have been absent on several classes, and also there are many students who come to class without reading the material... Let's try to improve this situation for the quality of our lessons. Bear in mind that in order to promote without a final exam, attendance and  participation in class are very important...

Now yes, let me wish you a ...