lunes, 20 de julio de 2015

Hw and holidays!!!

Hi everyone!!

Last Friday we finally finished our loooong (and, I hope, very interesting)  first unit. We discussed the last of the approaches we are going to study this year: TBLT.

First, we did a  grouping activity. Then you worked in groups making up True/False statements about different sections of the chapter. Finally, we shared the statements and highlighted key ideas of TBLT.

For the second class after the holidays you have to finish a summary of chapters 15 and 18. You can do this in whatever format you want (text, chart, slide presentation, etc). You have to do it in groups of not more than six students and you have to use Google Drive documents and share it with me...

If you have any doubts... just leave a comment below!!

viernes, 10 de julio de 2015

July 10th

Hi everyone!!

Today we had an interesting class!! We discussed The Natural Approach, and different issues came up (some of you shared experiences, we pondered on deep questionings, such as what the language of thought is).

For next Friday remember:

  • we have the make up test
  • you have to read the chapter on TBLT (ch18)
  • you have to get organised into groups of up to six students
  • those of you who do not have a gmail account should create one
Well, that's all folks!!