Questionnaire 2

Chapter 2: The Nature of Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching

1.        Order the following from the most general to the most specific: method, technique, approach
2.       Define approach, method and technique according to Anthony.
3.       What are the advantages and disadvantages of Anthony’s proposal?
4.       What are the three views of language that influence current approaches? Describe each one briefly.
5.       What is interaction?
6.       What questions need to be responded by a theory of language learning?
7.       What is the difference between process-oriented theories and condition-oriented theories?
8.       Describe Krashen’s Monitor Model
9.       On what belief is Asher’s method (TPR) based?
10.    What is it that links theory and practice?
11.     What questions need to be addressed when developing a design for an instructional system?
12.     What are the two types of objectives that a method may have?
13.     “Decisions about the choice of language content relate to both subject matter and linguistic matter.” What does this mean?
14.    Are syllabus specifications given for all the approaches and methods? Give examples.
15.     Where do differences among methods manifest themselves? Give examples.
16.    Learner roles: how does audiolingualism compare to newer methodologies?
17.     What issues are teacher roles related to?
18.    How important are teacher roles?
19.    What is the role of instructional materials?
20.   What is procedure? What dimensions are there at the level of procedure?


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