Syllabus design

                                Syllabus Design

1.      What is a syllabus?
2.      What is a syllabus like?
3.      What type of document is a syllabus?
4.      What steps should be followed when designing a syllabus?
5.      What are the four perspectives from which learners can be considered for the design of a syllabus?
6.      What is the difference between goals and objectives?
7.      When planning a syllabus, what has to be selected?
8.      What is the fourth step?
9.      What has to be evaluated? How?
10.  Describe briefly the syllabus characteristic of each approach.
11.  Diseño Curricular: Foreign language curriculum:
a.       Do children come to the primary school classroom empty handed? Explain.
b.       What is the aim of teaching English to children in primary school?
c.        What “side effect” does teaching English to children have?
d.       How would you characterize the role of the teacher, as described in the Foreign Language Curriculum?
e.        What two types of purposes are described?
f.        What does “content” refer to?
g.       Mention different contexts
h.       What is expected as regards linguistic contents? 

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