viernes, 25 de abril de 2014

Our second class

Hello everyone!

We've already had our second class. We worked on the chapter "History of Language Teaching". We divided the class into four groups and each group prepared a poster to share. The result was very interesting: four different perspectives on the same topic, each highlighting different aspects of the material read. Well done!

For next class you have to read chapter 2 on the nature of approaches and methods. You also have to work on the questionnaire that I will shortly upload in the "questionnaire" page of this blog. What's more, it would be ideal if you could complement your preparation for next class with some reading on the same topic from different sources: internet is a very valuable resource... let's profit from it!

jueves, 17 de abril de 2014

What teaching is about...

Happy Easter and keep studying!

Hello everyone!

Remember that next Friday we'll be discussing chapter one, on the History of Language Teaching, and the questionnaire on it. If you were absent last class, you have a copy of the questionnaire in one of the upper lids.

Also, and not less important, have an excellent long weekend and very Happy Easter!!

sábado, 12 de abril de 2014

Our first class

Hi there!

We've already had our first class. We started getting to know one another through different activities (a short piece of writing, a game and a quiz) and we started discussing some important concepts of the subject (approach, method, theory of learning, theory of language and others)

For next class you have to get the material from the usual photocopier shop and you have to read chapter 1 "A brief history of language teaching methods". I also handed out a questionnaire that you have to complete based on that chapter.

Also, I highlighted the importance of your consulting different sources so that you can make valuable contributions to the class.

That's all until next class... so far, it's been a pleasure to meet you!

jueves, 10 de abril de 2014


Hello everyone!

I am creating this blog for the students of "Didáctica II", of the English Teacher Training Department of the ISFDyT N°55, in Escobar.

The purpose is to have some extra space, apart from the classroom for us to share material, to keep in touch and to stay updated. I will publish assignments, reflections, suggestions, news and others. I will also publish material created by the students so that we can all profit from the teaching-learning process.

Let's have a great year ahead!