Planning lessons and course

Planning lessons and courses

1.    What should we think about when we sit down to plan?
2.    What two kinds of exposure are there?
3.    Review Krashen’s theory
4.    What is the one question the author considers it essential to have an answer to?
5.    Why are teacher trainees asked to produce a written lesson plan or each lesson taught?
6.    What is the best test as to whether your plan is OK?
7.    What are the advantages of having been through a training process that required you to make formal pre-lesson statements about your aim for each class?
8.    Give examples of aims you may have for the actual running of the lesson. What is the “main aim”? Whose perspective should be taken into consideration?
9.    What is more important in determining the way we work: the material or the aim? Why?
10. What may be some reasons not to use formal planning?
11.  What other approaches to planning can you mention?
12.  What do you think of the “jungle path” type of lesson? What are the pros and cons?
13.  What are the main considerations to take into account when you plan a course?
14.  What options are there as regards syllabus? What kind of syllabus do you use at school?
15.  How do you go about making a work plan? Are you required to do a skeleton work plan or a detailed work plan?
What is the bottom line of the section “unrealistic requirements”?

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