Questionnaire 1

Chapter 1: A brief history of language teaching

What do changes in language teaching methods reflect?
       Is bilingualism the exception or the rule? What does that mean?                           Describe how has the status/role of Latin changed since the 15th century?
       How  were “modern languages” first taught?
      Are these statements about the Grammar Translation Method true or false?

a.    This method had strong German influence.
b.    The main goal of language study for this method is to be able to speak the language.
c.    Most of the method consists in dealing with the rules of the target language.
d.    The mother tongue is a crucial point  of reference.
e.    The four skills are taken into consideration.
f.     Translating is one of the main activities carried out.
g.    Fluency is emphasized.
h.    Grammar is taught from the rules to the practice, in other words, deductively.
i.      There is an important role for the native tongue in the classroom.
j.      The Grammar Translation Method tends to be frustrating for teachers and demanding for students.
k.    This method dominated FLT for over a century.
l.      There is no linguistic, psychological or educational justification for this method.

    The Reform Movement arose in the mid nineteenth century. How long did its consequences last?                                                                                                                           Complete these sentences about the Direct Method:

a.    At different times, attempts have been made to make Second Language Learning ___________________________________________________________
b.    The Direct Method derived from ___________________________________
c.    According to Sauveur, the use of the native language ____________________________________________________________________________
d.    Rather than using analytical procedures that focus on explanation of grammar rules, teachers ______________________________________________________
e.    The principles of the Berlitz Method are _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
f.     Among the drawbacks of the Direct Method we can mention __________________________________________________________________
g.    The Direct Method offered a methodology that _____________________________________________________________________________

 What questions should be addressed when choosing a method? 
What do the different approaches that have emerged in the last 60 years or so have in common?                                                                                                      
What is the “post methods era”?
Why should we study past and present methods?

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