Questionnaire Natural Approach

 Chapter 15: The Natural Approach

  1.   Who is Tracy Terrell?
  2.   What did he attempt to do?
  3 .   What is Krashen’s profession?  
  4.   Is there a difference between the Natural Approach and the Natural Method? And between the Natural Method and the Direct Method?
  5.   Describe the Direct Method.
  6.   Compare the Direct Method and the Natural Approach.
  7.   Does the Natural Approach have a strong theory of Language?
  8.   How is language viewed by Krashen and Terrell?
  9.   Are grammatical structures to be taught explicitly?
  10.How is this method unique?
  11. How many hypothesis are there in Krashen’s language acquisition theory?
  12. Describe the acquisition/learning hypothesis.
  13. What works as a monitor? What does the monitor do?
  14. What are the three conditions that limit the use of the monitor?
  15. What does the Natural Order Hypothesis state?
  16. Explain the four main issues involved in the input hypothesis.
  17. Is it important to grade the input, according to this hypothesis?
  18. What are the three affective variables related to Second Language Acquisition?
  19. What are the implications of the five hypothesis?


  20.            In groups, make a chart to describe all the aspects of the design of the Natural Approach.


  21. How is the Natural Approach innovative?


  22.What conclusions can be drawn? Use your own words! J

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