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Two more presentations

Hi there!!

Since I last wrote on the blog we've had two more classes and two more presentations. Before I briefly comment on them, let me remind you of the importance of reading the material carefully. Even if you have a group of classmates explain the topic to you, you must read the material and draw your own conclusions. Attending classes is also very important... those of you who witness your classmates' presentations (and often participate in them) have the chance to take in concepts far more effectively... unfortunately, there are some people who are missing most of the presentations...

The presentation on Tools, techniques and activities, delivered by Celeste, Evelyn, Eugenia, Rocío, Cecilia T. and Belén F., was very useful and entertaining. They prepared lovely slides with great effects with Powerpoint, and they organized themselves clearly and effectively around these slides. It was fun and memorable, which is highly desirable in a presentation (for example the Finding Nemo video and the dictation activities). There were several language and pronunciation mistakes, which we have already discussed with the members of the group. All in all, they did very well. Congrats!!!

And yesterday we had the presentation on Testing, delivered by Anabela, Lucía, Eva, Florencia,Valeria and Carina. The first thing I want to highlight is the excellent work this group did processesing and organizing the information from the three different texts they had... For all those classmates who were there yesterday, the presentation was of great help to process and study contents related to testing and assessing. Also, they included very original devices, such as a home made video on the topic The only weakness was that they were short of time. Still there were three classmates who anticipated my request and handed me their feedback. I think this feedback is straight to the point, so here it is: (thanks and well done Vanina, Majo and Daiana)

  • excellent organization
  • clear explanations with easy examples
  • entertaining games; different kinds of games; original
  • useful summaries to study
  • nice pictures
  • members of the group helped each otehr; cooperative, controlled the time
  • much information summarized in a useful way.
So, girls... Congratulations!!

Next class we'll have a presentation on Educational Technology (I'm really looking forward to it... I'm sure we'll all learn a lot!).

Then, on November 6th, we'll have the Second Term Test. On November 13th another presentation on Educational Technology and on November 20th our last class (feedback, assessment, self assessment, etc, and make up if necessary).

So, have a wonderful weekend and... a few words of encouragement now we are so tired but also so near the end!!

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