lunes, 2 de noviembre de 2015

Focusing on Language

Hi there!!

Here I share the link to the presentation on Focusing on Language that one of the groups prepared:

Focusing on Language

Bear in mind that there are some language mistakes in the presentation, and that you should read the chapter anyway because the group prepared the presentation based on their understanding of the chapter.

For example, can you tell me what decisions have to be made when dealing with oral errors in class?

See you on Friday!

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  1. There are five decisions that we have to take into account when working with oral errors,
    1) what kind of error has been made?
    2) whether to deal with it?
    3) when to deal with it?
    4) who will correct?
    5) which technique to use to indicate that an error has occured or to enable correction?
    In other words.... there are some decisions that we have to make when working with oral errors. First of all, we have to pay attention to the type of error, if it's a grammatical error or a pronunciation error. Then we have to decide if it will be useful the correction or not. If the correction is useful, we will have to decide when to deal with it and who will correct it. And the last decision will be, which technique we will use to indicate the error.
    Is it ok, miss?