viernes, 2 de octubre de 2015

Today... focus on language!!

Hello, hello!!

Today we had another presentation!! Majo, Daiana, Magalí, Vanina and Patricia delivered a class on Focusing on Language. They explained very important topics to consider like: correcting mistakes, testing, using L1, using cuisenaire rods, using dictionaries, etc.

The presentation was clear and dynamic. I'll give you detailed feedback next class! And please remember that all the students who attended the class are supposed to write some feedback for the girls (either send it to me by mail or hand it in next class).

Talking about next class, remember that you must read the material of the next presentation on Tools, Techniques and Activities.

Somthing very important I want to highlight is that you should attend classes and be on time. I've noticed that whenever there is a presentation a lot of people are absent. On the one hand, it is not fair on the presenters. On the other hand, you are missing very interesting and useful experiences... And please be on time because interrruptions do bother (now with the presentations more than ever).

Well... we'll meet again in two weeks.... let me wish you a...

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