viernes, 28 de agosto de 2015

Intense class

Hello, hello!!

Today we had a new class. We spent the first part of the class organizing the presentations you have to deliver in the second part of the year.

Here I include some information

  1. 25/9  Classroom Management Verónica, Vivian, Paula and Macarena
  2. 2/10 Focusing on Language Magalí, Vanina, Daiana, Majo and Patricia
  3. 9/10 Tools, techniques and activities Rocío, Cecilia T., Eugenia, Belén F., Evelyn and Celeste
  4. 16/10 Testing Lucía, Anabella, Carina, Florencia, Eva and Valeria
  5. 23/10  (and probably also 6/11)Educational Technology Jazmín, Bárbara, Ariel, Belén, Natasha and Agustín 
  6. and  Cecilia D., Marcela, Julieta and Eliana
Remember some tips to bear in mind:

  • The presentation should be approximately 1 hour long.
  • You must use visual aids, preferably technological (presentation with powerpoint or some other application).
  • Bear in mind that we have no internet connection, so if you want to share a video or anything else, you should have it in your computer. Also, if you want to share a video, which would be great, it shouldn't be too long.
  • All the members of the group should have equal participation.
  • You have to use the material from the course, but you don't have to explain everything (your classmates also have to read the material). Focus on the most important concepts.
  • You must include at least one activity for the audience to do.
  • It must be interesting ans appealing for the audience. (esp since we meet on Friday evenings!!)
  • You can complement the material from the course with other sources.
  • During the presentation, you are not supposed to read from the slides. The slides are there to get the attention of the audience and to help you remember key words and concepts. But you must face the audience and speak spontaneously.
  • Follow the 7X7 rule: each slide should not have more than seven lines or more than seven words per line.
  • I strongly recommend that you read the material soon, so you can organize in groups better. DO NOT separate the chapter among the members of the group before you read the material.
We are meeting again on Friday 18th. (Next week I'm in an examination board and the following it's Teacher's Day). For next class you have to finish the questionnaire on Planning Lessons and Courses. (not to hand in).

Well, my dear students... now I let you relax and start your weekend!!

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