viernes, 10 de abril de 2015


Hello everyone!!

Today we've had our first class, and we started getting to know one another. This is very important in order to create a positive atmosphere, which is one of the necessary requirements for any learning to take place, don't you think?

So, I hope you enjoyed the first class as much as I did... all of you...

Verónica, Magalí, Eugenia, Belén G., Belén F., Ariel, Evelyn, Laura, Eliana C., Anabela, Patricia, Yamila (Malén), Sandra, Vivian, Yanina, Macarena, Paula, Daiana, Celeste, Cecilia D., Cecilia T., Vanina, Julieta, Jazmín, Elena, Eliana F., Bárbara, Majo, Agustín, Natasha, Valeria, Rocío and Eva Luna....

Remember to get the material and to read chapter 1 (A History of Language Teaching). Also, please, remember to sit in the same places next time... it will help me a lot to learn your names in a more definite way!

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