sábado, 27 de agosto de 2016

Classes and organization


Yesterday we had classes.... again several people were absent, and again many of those who were present had not done their homework.... I know we are all busy and we all have a lot of responsibilities, but it is still very important that you attend classes and that you read the material for each class.

We covered all the questionnaire on chapter 14: Communicative Language Teaching, focusing on the most important characterisitcs and contributions of this Approach.

For next class you must read chapter 15 on The Natural Approach and you have to do the questionnaire on the chapter that you can find in this blog.

Also, we organized the presentations:

Likely date

23/9 or 30/9

Classroom Management

Matías, Victoria, Daniel and Milagros

7/10 or 14/10

Tools, techniques and activities

Luz, Johana, Estefanía, Braian and Valeria

14/10 or 28/10


Cinthia, Natalia, Yamila A., Micaela and Yanina

28/10 or 4/11

Educational Technology

Paola, Tamara, Eliana and Yamila S.

Next class we will discuss more details on the presentations.

And well, now just let me wish you...

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