sábado, 16 de abril de 2016

Yesterday's class and something else....

Hi there!!

Yesterday we had our third class.... again it was rainy, again several people were absent....

We finished dealing with chapter 1, on a brief history of language teaching history. I'm really satisfied with the participation of several students... well done!! And for the shy ones who still don't dare, and the ones who had not read the material.... come on!! You can do it!!

We started dealing with the second chapter, on the nature of approaches and methods. We tried to clarify some concepts, so that for next class you can re read the chapter and understand it in more depth.

We also exchanged some ideas on the the educational system, its origin, its current status and the challenge ahead of us. In that context I mentioned Flavia Terigi's work... here I share some material worth reading and reflecting on...


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