sábado, 27 de mayo de 2017

Whole Language

Hi there!!

How are you on this cold Autumn morning?

Yesterday evening we had classes: this time we focused on Whole Language and the important contributions it has made to teaching in general and second language teaching in particular. It was a brief chapter but it introduced some key principles on the nature of language and on learning... do you remember what they are?

For next class you have to read chapter 14 on Communicative Language Teaching. Also, bear in mind that we are having the term test in less than a month, so you should start getting ready.

There's only one more thing to say...

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  1. Hi Miss, how are you? I have a question that on friday the whole class forgot to ask you... Could the term test be one week earlier? Because the 23rd of June we also have the English and its teaching term test... If your term test could be the 16th of June, we would be very glad ❤❤ Let me know if there is a chance so I can tell my mates. Thank you and have a nice sunday!!

    1. Hi Camila! Maybe yes...let me think about it, see how we are doing with the contents to be included in the term test and we can decide next Friday. Nice Sunday to you too!