sábado, 22 de abril de 2017

Second class

Hi there!!

How are you?

Yesterday we met for our second class. First, we got into groups (determined by birth date). Second, you worked in groups on a questionnaire on the chapter about the history of language teaching. Finally, we started sharing the answers of the questionnaire (we did not finish... we'll continue next class)

For next class you should:

  • re read chapter 1 and the answers to the questionnaire (so you have ideas fresh in your mind when we discuss it)
  • read chapter 2 on The Nature of Approaches and Methods
  • print (only print; do not answer) the questionnaire on chapter 2 from this blog.
Also, I wanted to welcome the students who just started yesterday: Welcome Daniel Lempke, Mirian P., Paola and Milagros!!

Finally, I want to stress the importance of your reading for each class. Yesterday I could see that more than half the class had not read the material, which makes it more difficult and less enriching to work together. 

And now yes...

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Enjoy it!!!!

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