sábado, 1 de octubre de 2016

Presentations are on!!

Hi there!!

Yesterday we had the first group presentation of the year. Milagros, Victoria, Daniel and Matías delivered a clear and entertaining presentation on "Classroom Management".

Remember that even if your classmates present the topic in class, you MUST read the material. Also, please remember to bring feedback on their presentation for next class (you can write your name or leave it anonymous, as you prefer).

Bear in mind that it is highly likely that next Friday we won't have classes due to the Day of Escobar... stay tuned for news and updates.

Let me remind you that even if there are changes in the dates because of the holiday or any other reason, WE WILL NOT CHANGE THE DATE OF THE TERM TEST.

So far, the topics to be included are:

  • Communicative Language Teaching
  • The Natural Approach
  • Task Based Language Teaching
  • Syllabus Design
  • Classroom Management.
To these we will add the other topic/topics we will share in class before October 21st.

If you have any doubts or comments, do not hesitate to leave your comment below!!

Last but not least, 

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