viernes, 22 de agosto de 2014

A new class...

Hi there!

Today we started organizing the presentations you have to deliver in this second part of the year. Next class, which will be on September 5th since next Friday I'll be absent, we'll finish organizing them. You have to get into five groups of four or five members each (please, not more than five). The topics and the likely dates are as follows:

  • Classroom management - 3/10
  • Focus on language - 10/10
  • Tools, techniques and activities - 17/10
  • Testing - 24/10
  • Educational technology 7/11
The likely date for the term test is October 31st.

Then we dealt with the Natural Approach, checking the questionnaire and going deeper into Krashen's five hypotheses.

For homework you have to:
  • prepare questions 20 to 22 of the questionnaire on the Natural Approach to hand in.
  • re-read the chapter on Task Based Language Teaching
  • read the "Diseño Curricular"
  • And remember: get in groups
And one more thing to think about: Mercedes mentioned a specific situation she is facing at work: she works at a bilingual school and most of her students refused to speak in English in class. So she decided to put into practice a system through which she hands out stars to all the students who make an effort, work hard and speak English. She does this every day. And at the end of the week she gives little presents to the ones who have more stars. Still, there are several students who refuse to speak in English... How would you deal with this situation? Think about it and post your suggestions!

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